26 May

Sincerity, agreement – and deceit

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(From Socialist Campaign Group) At Prime Minister’s Question Time on 26 May, Tony Blair claimed in all sincerity, that Britain and the USA were “absolutely agreed” on the need for a full handover of sovereignty to the Iraqi appointed administration on June 30th. Without realising the contradiction, he then went on to say that the [...]

19 May

The Iraq war won’t go away

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(From Highbury & Islington Gazette) The issue of the Iraq war simply won’t go away. Those who supported the war claimed it would be a quick military victory followed by an easy peace and a democratic Iraq. The reality has been that there was no legal basis for the war, and that whilst technical superiority [...]

12 May

Rails for people

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This morning in Westminster there will be a Parliamentary debate on rail franchises. The Government will have to respond to the serious concerns expressed by MP’s on behalf of Rail users and workers at the state of the railways, but also of the whole principal of handing out franchises to private sector organisations to run [...]

5 May

The scandals of war

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The furore that greeted the Daily Mirror‘s photos of the abuse of Iraqi captives seemed a bit contrived. Supporters of the war desperately hoping that they could prove the forgery of the images and thus brush it all aside. What they conveniently forget are the other issues surrounding the occupation of Iraq; here are a [...]

1 May

Liberating Palestine

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(From Noticias) Last month I visited Palestine and Israel and found myself shocked, depressed and inspired. The original purpose of my visit was to be present at the release of Mordechai Vanunu from Ashkelon Prison, where he has served 18 years for telling the world the truth about Israel’s nuclear weapons. Before going to the [...]

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